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Why does Belt and RoadWorld Skills CompetitionChoose Chongqing? You should Know about Its Three Advantages

Release time: 2019-05-16 Source: 上游新闻

On May 8th, a press conference on Belt and Road International Skills Competition jointly sponsored by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, National Development and Reform Commission, National and International Development Cooperation Agency and the Chongqing People's Government was held at Chongqing’s  Municipal Press Release Center.
Why is Chongqing chosen as thehosting city of the Belt and Road World Skills Competition?
The chief person in charge of Vocational Capacity Building Division of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Securitymade an interpretation that Chongqing, as the hosting city for the Competition, has major three advantages.

Advantage No.1
It Is Constructing the High Land for the Development of Skill Talents in Western China

According to such chief person, skill personnel will be an indispensable and important engine to promote economic development and social progress.
"At present, China is confronted with the contradiction between the shortage of skill personnel and the unbalanced geographical distribution of skill personnel, and there is also a gap between the eastern and western areas in terms of the training of skill personnel and skill competition organization."
The chief also said that Chongqing is the junction point between Belt and Road and Yangtze River Economic Zone, and is an important strategic stronghold for Western Development. Choosing Chongqing as the venue for the Competition is aimed at building a highland for the development of skill talents in the western region of China by virtue of the Belt and Road platform, as well as structure a new cooperation mode for cross-region exchanges of skill talents, guide the congregation and cooperation of skill talents by utilizing relevant national strategies for the purpose of realizing reasonable distribution of skill talents.

Advantage No.2
It is Blessed with the Regional Advantage for Construction of Belt and Road

In April this year, when General Secretary Xi Jinping was conducting the inspection in Chongqing once again, he mentioned that hopefully Chongqing could play "the roles in three aspects", namely "playing a supporting role in promoting the Western Development in the new era, playing a driving role in enhancing the joint construction of Belt and Road and playing an demonstrative role in improving the green development of the Yangtze River Economic Zone”.
The chief person said that as an important national center city, an economic center in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, an important modern manufacturing base, a comprehensive transport hub in southwestern China, a strategic support for the opening up and development of the western region, a hub of the western area of Yangtze River Economic Zone and an highland for inland opening up, Chongqing has had itself linked to Belt and Road related countries through CHINA RAILWAY EXPRESS, and has thus become a main artery in service for Belt and Road. At the same time, Chongqing has the largest port in China's inland rivers, functions in such way as "connecting the front port with the rear garden" and "rail-water combined transport", building itself as the economic landmark located at the conjunction between Belt and Road and the Yangtze River Economic Zone.
Therefore, for the construction of Belt and Road, Chongqing has a natural advantage in location.

Advantage No.3
Chongqing Is Experienced in Participating in Competitions and Possesses Solid Basis for Running the Competition

The chief also said that Chongqing is experienced in participating in competitions and possesses solid basis for running the Competition.
For recent years, Chongqing has made remarkable achievements in professional skills competitions. By now it has continuously participated in five sessions of World skills Competition in China. The competitors it trained has achieved excellent performance including winning 2 gold, 3 silver medals and 6 outstanding prizes.
At the same time, Chongqing also regularly holds Vocational Skills Competition of Chongqing China, the serial “Chongqing craftsmen” Cup Professional Skills Competitions on an annual basis, and has also hosted the National Trial Competition of World Skills Competition, International Invitational Competitions for part of the events, and National Hotpot and Chongqing Spicy Noodles Competition one after another and other important events and international conference activities, proves to be experienced in hosting competition and conferences.
"Chongqing has large convention and exhibition centers and advanced venues and facilities, boasts the most completely functional comprehensive transport network in terms of aviation, ports, railways and information in inland areas, and is relatively good at service supporting conditions for transportation, communication, environment, health, safety, reception and others, and therefore proves to be able to run a high-quality international skills competition embodying Chinese characteristics."

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