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3000 Sets of Postcards on Limited Sale!Get the First Sight ofthe Culturally Creative Products fromBelt and Road International Skills Competition

Release time: 2019-05-16 Source: 本网站

Have you ever seen the cute giant panda"Lubaobao"?After the this lovely mascot was born, a large number of fanshave been attracted, and everyone cannot wait to see its true face.Recently, the reporter from CQCB.COM learned from the Organizing Committee of the Belt and RoadInternational Skills Competition that in addition to the super-cute mascot "Lubaobao", twelve  kinds of emblems, medals, postcards and other culturally creative products are also being intensively produced, and will be officiallymade public during the Competition, namely May 26th– 31st.
the reporter learned that the culturally creative products of this Competition have all been integrated with Lu BanLock, the Competition LOGO,which comes from the evolution of “技”,the Chinese character synonymous with “skill”,combined with oriental craftsmen civilization, highlighting the spirit of craftsmanship and cultural inheritance.The competitors will bring these culturally creative products to all over the world for the inheritance of exquisite skills and the craftsmanship culture.
The giant panda mascot"Lubaobao" not only gains its popularity by cuteness, but also presents ingenuity in its design.Taking its dressing as an example, golden yellow is used for Lubaobao’s hat and what it wears on the waist, representing the Silk Road Economic Belt,and its blue working suit represents the 21st century Marine Silk Road, and when the two colors are integrated into one, the good wish of win-win cooperation and joint developmentis thus embodied.
It is reported that the badge of this Competition will also use the two clours of blue and gold as its main hue. 689 competitors from 44 countries will wear the badge uniformly.At the same time, in the Competition medals and corresponding certificates will be awarded to 54 winners.The Competition consists of 18 events, and the top three winners for each event will be awarded respectively with gold, silver and bronze medals and certificates which aggregate to 54 setsin number.
The reporter also saw a little ingenuitysubtlyembedded in the backpack to be provided to the competitors.At the lower right side of the backpack a USB interface connected with a mobile power bank is set up to facilitate charging electronic devices such as mobile phones.Office-based culturally creative gifts such as cloth bags, pens, notebooks, notes and so on will provide convenience for work. Considering that the Competition is to be held in Chongqing’s hot season, the Organizing Committee of the Competition has also been considerate enough to prepare cooling gifts such as water cups for the competitors to help them compete in their own groove.
In addition, according to the Organizing Committee, commemorative envelopes and postcards will be sold in public at site during the Competition.The design and production of commemorative envelopes and postcards have both been integrated with the cultural elements of Belt and Road as tailored for the Competition, which has very special commemorative significance.Both will be sold in limited version on a first come, first served basis.


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