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"Belt and Road"International Skills Competition: a Feast of Gastronomic Skills

Release time: 2019-05-20 Source: 上游新闻

Smooth and resilient ChongqingSpicy Noodles, fresh, tender,delicious and crisp Fuling Pickles, soft and deliciously sweet HechuanWalnut Slices, and spicy and dried delicious Fengdu Spicy Chicken Nuggets... During the 26th-31stDay this month, the Belt and Road International Skills Competition which is going to be held in Chongqing, presents not only a global skill challenging competition, but also a feast of gastronomic skills.In this Competition, "Chongqing Craftsmen"which will present authentic Chongqing cuisine with international reputation, will be exhibited in Venue S2 located at Yuelai’s Chongqing International Expo Center.On May 13th, the reporter paid a visit ahead of time to inquire these stunning unique feats of the cuisine characteristic in this Mountain City.

Chongqing Spicy Noodles:Special Condiments Make CustomersLost in Endless Aftertaste
Chongqing is known as the " hometownfor spicy noodles".As a signature feature of Chongqing, spicy noodles andthe unique skills and techniques relevant with the noodles production will be displayed in this Competition.The reporter learned that Chongqing Spicy Noodles generally refers to the spicy vegetable noodles, which can be divided into the two types of soup noodles and quick-fried dried noodles.Each noodle restaurant in Chongqing provides its ownunique condiments, so that customers can ask the restaurant to customize the flavor, such as " quick-fried and dried " (noodles served with condiments), "yellow is alright" (stiffened noodles), "more green" (more vegetables), "heavily spicy" (more spicy oil) and so on.
Behind the making of a bowl of authentic Chongqing Spicy Noodles, there are multiple skills application.Dough making, kneading and pulling, refining of red (spicy) oil, making of fried sauce and seasoning... The resilient and delicate noodles, hot but not dry red spicy oil, and the sauce-flavour-rich minced meat, what you can see is the dexterous handmaking,and what you keep is the fragrance left full of your mouth.

Fuling Pickles:Special Pickling of Characteristic Cabbage Heads with Unique Technique
In addition to spicy noodles, Chongqing has another world-renowned cuisine treasure, Fuling Pickles.It is known as among the world’s three famous pickles,together with French Sour Cucumbers and German Sweet Sour Cabbages, and also one of the three famous exporting vegetables (pickles, osmundsand bamboo shoots) in China.
Fuling Pickles is made by choosing Fuling's characteristic green vegetable heads which will then be processed with unique technology to make pickled vegetables featured with freshness, tenderness and delicious crispiness. Whether feasted with noodles or rice, it always adds a delicious taste to the dinner table.The raw materials of Fuling Pickles are the round, oblate spherical or spindle-shaped green vegetable heads in turquoise appearance. They not only taste succulent and fleshy in tender and crisp texture, but also are rich in many kinds of protein, sugar, vitamins and trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus and iron, which are beneficial to human bodies.

Hechuan Walnut Slices:Made from Refined Production in 20Processes
HechuanWalnut Sliceis one of the traditionally renowned pastries in Hechuan District of Chongqing, which was born in 1840.
Itisin a thin sliceshape in pure white color,and can both be spread up like unfolding rolls, and be rolled up unbroken; delicate, sweet, fresh and refreshing as it is, it has become a characteristic delicious food extremely popular in Chongqing.Hechuan Walnut Slices uses high-quality raw materials, such as glutinous rice, white granulated sugar, walnut meats and so on,all of which undergo strictselection. With unique processing,its production will be completed through nearly 20 processes including selection of materials, seal-capping of materials and rice frying, and each of such process is exquisite and choice,making it the excellent representative of Chongqing cuisine skills.

Fengdu Spicy Chicken Nuggets:Characteristic in "Three Kinds of Oil" and "Three Kinds of Plentifulness"
Chongqing has a well-known "Ghost Town", Fengdu, and only spicy chicken nuggetsthat everyone of local folks loves is representative of " Ghost Town " in addition to the "ghost" culture.Fengdu Spicy Chicken Nuggets, also known as " Ghost Town Spicy Chicken", was originally a famous traditional snack in Fengdu, and has later become one of the household words in terms of famous dishes in Chongqing.
Fengdu Spicy Chicken Nuggetsis characteristic in "three kinds of oil" and "three kinds of plentifulness", wherein "three kinds of oiliness" refers to spicy oil, red oil and sesame oil; and "three kinds of plentifulness"means the plentifulnessof pepper, Sichuan Pepper and soup brine. A spicy chicken so processed is a combination ofexcellent color, flavor, taste and shape, that the bright-red refreshing color, intensified deliciousand overflowing flavor,hot and spicy as well as fresh and sweet taste, and agreeably shaped chicken nuggets presents a tongue-tip sense of resilient and delicately crispy meats, thus winning itself the reputation of a "Chinese Famous Snack".
Reading these must have had you mouth-watering.Just take it easy, in less than two weeks, Belt and RoadInternational Skills Competition will be held at Chongqing International Expo Center. At that time, folks may go to thesite to experience more stunning unique feats of the cuisine characteristic in this Mountain Cityand enjoy a real treat!

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