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Zheng Zhiming: Guardian for the Legend of Wuling

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    Zheng Zhiming, born in 1977, the equipment manufacturing technician and chief expert of Guangxi Automobile Group. He has been a fitter for more than 20 years, and has grown from an ordinary fitter to be a national-level master of skills and an expert entitled to special allowances from the State Council. Under his leadership, the National-Level Skills Master Studio named after "Zheng Zhiming" has been fighting in the production line all the time to overcome difficulties time and time again and has made outstanding contributions to the steady development of the company.

    More than 20 years ago, he was just an ordinary first-line fitter, but were excellent in skills, that the manual marking drilling he made can be controlled within 0.05 mm and his plane filing within 0.005 mm.

    After more than 20 years, by the exercising in so many years, he has by now become a "national-level skill master" and the guardian for the legend of Wuling.

    His name is Zheng Zhiming, the "all-round master" of Guangxi Automobile Group.

    From an ordinary fitter to a practitioner in the field of robot equipment R&D and manufacturing, in others’ point of view, it must have been so painstaking to go through so many hardships, but in his eyes, it is just a natural transformation conforming to the development of the industry. It is the spirit of craftsmanship that has been fueling this transformation.

    He once successfully developed a new set of equipment in 3 months. The number of operators in the new production line was reduced from 12 to 6, which not only saved labor costs, but also improved product quality.
    He worked overtime together with his colleagues and finished the making of a set of large welding tools in five days which may otherwise take at least half a month to complete, by which for the making of each piece of such product 22 seconds may be saved.

    In 2014, the National-Level Skills Master Studio, named after Zheng Zhiming was officially set up. In that year, the studio completed 18 independently-developed projects of technological equipment, and delivered 24 sets of technological and engineering equipment for putting in use. The delivery and commissioning of the independently-developed technological equipment from the studio created economic benefits of 12.165 million Yuan for the company and caused the reduction of 40 production and operation posts.

    Since then, he has been making technological innovations every year. So far he has been awarded with one national patent for invention and one patent for utility. Many of his achievements have won him the first, second and third prizes for the renovation of advanced technology and equipment in Guangxi. He has also won himself the honors including a State Council Special Allowance Expert, a National Technical Expert and a Guangxi Labor Model.

    As a engineering worker, Zheng Zhiming has been constantly adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship for more than 20 years, always keeping on tempering and unrelentingly improving his skills, silently making contributions in his job and realizing his own life value, and that’s the way how he accounts for the excellent craftsmanship of "arduous fighting and constant self-improvement" in the new era.

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